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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2012A 0.5 V, 20 ?w pseudo differential 500 kHz Gm-C low pass filter in 0.18 ?m CMOS technologyHarishchandra, V.M.; Laxminidhi, T.-
20120.5 V, 36?W Gm-C butterworth low pass filter in 0.18?m CMOS processHarishchandra, V.M.; Laxminidhi, T.-
20120.5 V, low power, 1 MHz low pass filter in 0.18 ?m CMOS processVasantha, M.H.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2012A 0.5V 300?W 50MS/s 180nm 6bit Flash ADC using inverter based comparatorsKomar, R.; Bhat, M.S.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2016A 1.8 v 11.02 ?w single-ended inverter-based OTA with 113.62 dB gainKaliyath, Y.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2019A 1.8 V 8.62 W Inverter-based Gain-boosted OTA with 109.3 dB dc Gain for SC CircuitsKaliyath, Y.; Laxminidhi, T.-
20191.8 V, 25.9 nW, 91.86 dB dynamic range second-order lowpass filter tunable in the range 4-100 HzReddy, J.R.M.K.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2012A 500 kS/s 8-bit charge recycle based 2-bit per step SAR-ADCShrivastava, P.; Bhat, K.G.; Laxminidhi, T.; Bhat, M.S.-
2016An 8-b 1.5MS/s 2-bit per cycle SAR ADC with parasitic insensitive single capacitive reference DACBhat, K.G.; Laxminidhi, T.; Bhat, M.S.-
2016Common mode feedback circuits for low voltage fully-differential amplifiersRekha, S.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2019A Compact 10-bit Nonbinary Weighted Switched Capacitor Integrator Based SAR ADC ArchitectureBhat, K.G.; Laxminidhi, T.; Bhat, M.S.-
2019A compact 4-to-8-bit nonbinary SAR ADC based on 2 bits per cycle DAC architectureBhat, K.G.; Laxminidhi, T.; Bhat, M.S.-
2020A Dead-Zone-Free Zero Blind-Zone High-Speed Phase Frequency Detector for Charge-Pump PLLLad, Kirankumar, H.; Rekha, S.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2012Effect of finite gain and bandwidth of feed-forward compensated OTA on active-RC integrators: A case studyRekha, S.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2013Effect of parasitics of feed-forward compensated OTA on Active-RC integratorsRekha, S.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2011Energy efficient 1.8 V step down DC/DC converter in 0.18 ?m CMOS technology with optimized silicon areaPanse, P.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2016A Gyrator Based Output Resistance Enhancement Scheme for a Differential AmplifierPrajwal, M.V.; Srinivas, B.S.; Shodhan, S.; Reddy, M.K.J.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2018Human Muscle Energy Harvesting: Models and Application for Low Power LoadsShenoy, B.B.; Laxminidhi, T.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Mitra, J.-
2010Low power continuous time common mode sensing for common mode feedback circuitsPramod, M.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2011Low power fully differential, feed-forward compensated bulk driven OTARekha, S.; Laxminidhi, T.-