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Title: 0.5 V, 36?W Gm-C butterworth low pass filter in 0.18?m CMOS process
Authors: Harishchandra, V.M.
Laxminidhi, T.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Proceedings of the 4th Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design, ASQED 2012, 2012, Vol., , pp.82-85
Abstract: This paper presents a low voltage, low power continuous-time (G m-C) 4th order low pass Butterworth filter with a 3-dB bandwidth of 1MHz and capable of operating at supply voltage as low as 0.5V in 0.18 ?m. The filter uses bulk-driven technique for achieving the necessary head-room. The simulation results show that the filter has a peak-to-peak signal swing of 1.2V (differential) for 1% THD and a dynamic range of 54 dB. The power consumed by the filter is 36?W when operating at a voltage of 0.5 V. The Figure of Merit (FOM) achieved by the filter is 0.05 fJ and is found to be lowest among the similar filters found in the literature. � 2012 IEEE.
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