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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Combined effect of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and fuel injection pressure on CRDI engine operating with jatropha curcas biodiesel blendsBedar, P.; Lamani, V.T.; Ayodhya, A.S.; Kumar, G.N.-
2018Combustion, performance, and tail pipe emissions of common rail diesel engine fueled with waste plastic oil-diesel blendsLamani, V.T.; Yadav, A.K.; Kumar, G.N.-
2017Computational analysis of unsteady flow in turbine part of turbochargerRao, H.K.S.; Raviteja, S.; Kumar, G.N.-
2019Designing of Digital Odometer Processing for VehiclesJawale, M.; Hindoddi, A.; Patil, R.; Daigavane, P.; Kumar, G.N.; Dhanwate, S.-
2020Effect of 1-pentanol addition and EGR on the combustion, performance and emission characteristic of a CRDI diesel engineRadheshyam; Santhosh, K.; Kumar, G.N.-
2019Effect of bioethanol diesel blends, exhaust gas recirculation rate and injection timing on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a common rail diesel engineLamani, V.T.; Baliga, M, A.U.; Yadav, A.K.; Kumar, G.N.-
2015Effect of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) on diesel engine using Simarouba glauca biodiesel blendsBedar, P.; Pandey, J.K.; Kumar, G.N.-
2018Effect of exhaust gas recirculation on a CRDI engine fueled with waste plastic oil blendAyodhya, A.S.; Lamani, V.T.; Bedar, P.; Kumar, G.N.-
2015Effect of Hydrogen Addition on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of High Speed Spark Ignition Engine- An Experimental StudyShivaprasad, K.V.; Chitragar, P.R.; Kumar, G.N.-
2018Effect of hydrogen addition on combustion and emissions performance of a high speed spark ignited engine at idle conditionShivaprasad, K.V.; Chitragar, P.R.; Kumar, G.N.-
2015Effect of hydrogen addition on the performance and emission parameters of an SI engine fueled with butanol blends at stoichiometric conditionsRaviteja, S.; Kumar, G.N.-
2019Effect of injection pressure on the performance and emission characteristics of the CI engine using Vateria indica biodieselRao, G.; Kumar, G.N.; Herbert, M.-
2020Experimental analysis of performance and emission characteristics of CRDI diesel engine fueled with 1-pentanol/diesel blends with EGR techniqueSanthosh, K.; Kumar, G.N.; Radheshyam; Sanjay, P.V.-
2019Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Effusion Cooling Performance Over Combustor Liner Flat Plate ModelFelix, J.; Rajendran, R.; Kumar, G.N.; Babu, Y.G.; Karthik, M.K.; Ramesha, D.K.-
2015Experimental Investigation of Variations in Spark Timing using a Spark-Ignition Engine with Hydrogen-Blended GasolineShivaprasad, K.V.; Chitragar, P.R.; Kumar, G.N.-
2013Experimental investigations of performance and emission characteristics of single cylinder CI engine fueled with different blends of jatropha biodiesel with Metal based additive.Kulkarni, A.P.; Patil, B.; Vijaykumara, M.; Kumar, G.N.-
2018Experimental study of adiabatic cooling effectiveness on an effusion cooled test plate with machined ring geometriesFelix, J.; Rajendran, R.; Kumar, G.N.; Babu, Y.G.-
2016An Experimental Study on Combustion and Emission Analysis of Four Cylinder 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine Using Pure Hydrogen and LPG at Idle ConditionChitragar, P.R.; Shivaprasad, K.V.; Nayak, V.; Bedar, P.; Kumar, G.N.-
2019Heat transfer distribution of premixed methane-air laminar flame jets impinging on ribbed surfacesKadam, A.R.; Parida, R.K.; Hindasageri, V.; Kumar, G.N.-
2016Hydrogen addition on combustion and emission characteristics of high speed spark ignition engine- An experimental studyShivaprasad, K.V.; Chitragar, P.R.; Kumar, G.N.-