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Title: Effect of Hydrogen Addition on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of High Speed Spark Ignition Engine- An Experimental Study
Authors: Shivaprasad, K.V.
Chitragar, P.R.
Kumar, G.N.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: SAE Technical Papers, 2015, Vol.2015-April, April, pp.-
Abstract: This article experimentally characterizes the combustion and emission parameters of a single cylinder high speed SI engine operating with different concentrations of hydrogen with gasoline fuel. For this purpose, the conventional carbureted high speed SI engine was modified into an electronically controllable engine, wherein ECU was used to control the injection timings and durations of gasoline. The experiments have been conducted for different engine speeds at various throttle positions. The experimental results demonstrated that engine brake power and brake thermal efficiency increased to certain extent and then decreases with the increase of hydrogen percentage in the fuel blend. The experimental results revealed that heat release and cylinder pressure increased with addition of hydrogen fraction till 20%. It also showed the reduction in HC and CO emissions in comparison with pure gasoline. The main drawback detected was higher NOx emissions due to the high combustion temperature. Copyright � 2015 SAE International.
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