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Title: Effect of hydrogen addition on combustion and emissions performance of a high speed spark ignited engine at idle condition
Authors: Shivaprasad, K.V.
Chitragar, P.R.
Kumar, G.N.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Thermal Science, 2018, Vol.22, 3, pp.1405-1413
Abstract: The fuel depletion and environmental pollution have pushed studies on improving the combustion and emission characteristics of internal combustion engines with several alternative fuels. Expert studies proved that hydrogen is one of the prominent energy source which has exceptional combustion qualities that can be used for improving combustion and emissions performance of gasoline-fueled spark ignition engines. This paper introduced an experiment conducted on a single cylinder high speed gasoline engine equipped with a hydrogen injection system to discover the combustion and emissions characteristics with various hydrogen gasoline blends at idle condition. For this purpose, the conventional carburetted high speed spark ignition engine was modified into an electronically controllable engine with help of electronic control unit which dedicatedly used to control the ignition timings and injection duration of gasoline fuel. 2018 Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia.
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