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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013Partitioning studies of ?-lactalbumin in environmental friendly poly (ethylene glycol) - Citrate salt aqueous two phase systemsKalaivani, S.; Regupathi, I.-
2013Partitioning studies of glutaminase in polyethylene glycol and salt-based aqueous two-phase systemsBolar, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2013Phase demixing studies in aqueous two-phase system with polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and sodium citrateNagaraja, V.H.; Regupathi, I.-
2019Potential of Chitosan and its derivatives for controlled drug release applications – A reviewSafdar R.; Omar A.A.; Arunagiri A.; Regupathi, I.; Thanabalan M.-
2019Preparation, characterization and stability evaluation of ionic liquid blended chitosan tripolyphosphate microparticlesSafdar, R.; Gnanasundaram, N.; Regupathi, I.; Appusamy, A.; Papadimitriou, S.; Thanabalan, M.-
2015Purification of Glutaminase from Zygosaccharomyces rouxii in Polyethylene Glycol Sodium Sulphate Aqueous Two-Phase SystemBolar, S.; Regupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.-
2012Pyrolysis of Municipal Solid Waste for Syngas Production by Microwave IrradiationGedam, V.V.; Regupathi, I.-
2015Recovery and Partial Purification of Bovine ?-Lactalbumin from Whey Using PEG 1000 Trisdoium Citrate SystemsSivakumar, K.; Regupathi, I.-
2015Refining of edible oils: A critical appraisal of current and potential technologiesVaisali, C.; Charanyaa, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2017Refining technologies for edible oilsBelur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.; Sampath C.; Chandrasekhar V.-
2017Reverse micellar extraction of lactoferrin from its synthetic solution using CTAB/n-heptanol systemPawar, S.S.; Regupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.-
2019A review on adsorptive removal of oil pollutants (BTEX) from wastewater using carbon nanotubesAnjum H.; Johari K.; Gnanasundaram N.; Ganesapillai M.; Arunagiri A.; Regupathi, I.; Thanabalan M.-
2019Selective encapsulation of quercetin from dry onion peel crude extract in reassembled casein particlesGhatak, D.; Regupathi, I.-
2019Selective extraction of lactoferrin from acidic whey using CTAB/n-heptanol reverse micellar systemPawar, S.S.; Regupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.-
2019Simultaneous extraction of four different bioactive compounds from Garcinia indica and their enrichment using Aqueous Two-Phase SystemsNainegali, B.S.; Regupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.-
2020Study of devolatilization during chemical looping combustion of large coal and biomass particlesPragadeesh, K.S.; Regupathi, I.; Sudhakar, D.R.-
2015Synergistic extraction of ?-Lactalbumin and ?-Lactoglobulin from acid whey using aqueous biphasic system: Process evaluation and optimizationKalaivani, S.; Regupathi, I.-