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Title: Recovery and Partial Purification of Bovine ?-Lactalbumin from Whey Using PEG 1000 Trisdoium Citrate Systems
Authors: Sivakumar, K.
Regupathi, I.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia), 2015, Vol.50, 6, pp.833-840
Abstract: The extraction of ?-Lactalbumin (?-La) and ?-Lactoglobulin (?-Lg) from whey have been carried out in the Aqueous Two Phase System (ATPS) composed of PEG 1000 tri sodium citrate. The suitable conditions for the simultaneous partitioning of ?-La into the top phase and ?-Lg in bottom phases was identified using the pure ?-La and ?-Lg. Maximum partition coefficient (k) of 16.67 was achieved for ?-La at the system condition of 28% (w/w) PEG 1000-14% (w/w) tri sodium citrate at pH 8 and 40 C, whereas in this condition k of ?-Lg is 0.27. 30% (w/w) whey loaded to this system yielded the maximum recovery of ?-La and ?-Lg. , Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
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