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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Eco-friendly synthesis of porous graphene and its utilization as high performance supercapacitor electrode materialSethi, M.; Bantawal, H.; Shenoy, U.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2015Effect of acid dopants in biodegradable gel polymer electrolyte and the performance in an electrochemical double layer capacitorSudhakar, Y.N.; Selvakumar, M.; Bhat, D.K.-
2018Effect of solvent on the morphology of MoS2 nanosheets prepared by ultrasonication-assisted exfoliationPrabukumar, C.; Sadiq, M.M.J.; Bhat, D.K.; Bhat, K.U.-
2011Electrochemical properties of chitosan-Co3O4 nanocomposite filmsBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.; Santosh, M.S.-
2017Electrodeposition and characterization of Ni-Mo alloy as an electrocatalyst for alkaline water electrolysisShetty, S.; Mohamed, Jaffer, Sadiq, M.; Bhat, D.K.; Hegde, A.C.-
2018Electrodeposition of Ni-Mo-rGO composite electrodes for efficient hydrogen production in an alkaline mediumShetty, S.; Sadiq, M.M.J.; Bhat, D.K.; Hegde, A.C.-
2019Electronic structure engineering of tin telluride through co-doping of bismuth and indium for high performance thermoelectrics: A synergistic effect leading to a record high room temperature ZT in tin tellurideShenoy, U.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2017Enhanced Bulk Thermoelectric Performance of Pb0.6Sn0.4Te: Effect of Magnesium DopingShenoy, S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2017Enhanced photocatalytic performance of N-doped RGO-FeWO4/Fe3O4 ternary nanocomposite in environmental applicationsSadiq, M.M.J.; Shenoy, U.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2018Enhanced thermoelectric performance of bulk tin telluride: Synergistic effect of calcium and indium co-dopingBhat, D.K.; Shenoy, U.S.-
2010Excess molar volumes, viscosity deviations and isentropic compressibility changes in glycylglycine-NiCl2 aqueous ethanol mixturesSantosh, M.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2017A facile microwave approach to synthesize RGO-BaWO4 composites for high performance visible light induced photocatalytic degradation of dyesMohamed, M.J.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2019Facile solvothermal synthesis and high supercapacitor performance of NiCo2O4 nanorodsSethi, M.; Bhat, D.K.-
2008Facile synthesis of ZnO nanorods by microwave irradiation of zinc-hydrazine hydrate complexBhat, D.K.-
2018Hierarchical porous Batio3 nano-hexagons as a visible light photocatalystBantawal, H.; Bhat, D.K.-
2017High Thermoelectric Performance of Co-Doped Tin Telluride Due to Synergistic Effect of Magnesium and IndiumBhat, D.K.; Shenoy, U, S.-
2012Influence of nanoscale NiO on magnetic and electrochemical behavior of PVDF-based polymer nanocompositesBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2013LiClO4-doped plasticized chitosan and poly(ethylene glycol) blend as biodegradable polymer electrolyte for supercapacitorsSudhakar, Y.N.; Selvakumar, M.; Bhat, D.K.-
2009LiClO4-doped plasticized chitosan as biodegradable polymer gel electrolyte for supercapacitorsKumar, M.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2012Microwave synthesized nanostructured TiO 2 -activated carbon composite electrodes for supercapacitorSelvakumar, M.; Bhat, D.K.-