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Title: Enhanced photocatalytic performance of N-doped RGO-FeWO4/Fe3O4 ternary nanocomposite in environmental applications
Authors: Sadiq, M.M.J.
Shenoy, U.S.
Bhat, D.K.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Materials Today Chemistry, 2017, Vol.4, , pp.133-141
Abstract: Nitrogen doped RGO- FeWO4/Fe3O4 (NRGO-FeWO4/Fe3O4) ternary nanocomposite was synthesized by rapid single step microwave irradiation approach using iron acetate, ammonium tungstate and graphene oxide as precursors. The synthesized materials were thoroughly characterized by diffraction, microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. The materials were tested for their catalytic efficiency in photo degradation of Methylene Blue (MB) dye and in reduction of 4-nitrophenol (4-NP) to 4-aminophenol (4-AP). MB was mineralized within 100 minutes of visible light irradiation time in the presence of the ternary composite, apart from excellent stability and efficiency even after 10 consecutive cycles. The composite also had the capacity to convert 4-NP into 4-AP within 45 seconds and showed very good catalytic activity even after 20 cycles. The results revealed that ternary composite has way more efficiency than the component materials and can act as a promising catalyst for various environmental and engineering applications. 2017 Elsevier Ltd
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