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Title: A facile microwave approach to synthesize RGO-BaWO4 composites for high performance visible light induced photocatalytic degradation of dyes
Authors: Mohamed, M.J.S.
Bhat, D.K.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: AIMS Materials Science, 2017, Vol.4, 2, pp.487-502
Abstract: Photocatalysts with enhanced efficiency for environmental remediation requires an effective separation of photogenerated electron hole pairs and optimum charge carrier transport. Based on the above criteria, a cost effective, facile one-pot microwave approach was made to synthesize RGO-BaWO4 composites with excellent stability and reusability in photodegradation of methylene blue (MB) and methyl orange (MO). A series of composites with varying composition with respect to RGO was synthesized and thoroughly characterized using various techniques. The composite with 2.5% RGO-BaWO4 showed maximum efficiency under visible light irradiation. The mechanism of charge transfer and kinetics of the reaction was also studied. The interfacial/interparticle charge transfer between the narrow elliptical BaWO4 particles and RGO is found to be responsible for the increased efficiency. The photo generated holes and the superoxide radical were found to play a key role in the degradation process. The synergistic action makes RGOBaWO4 composites a promising material as high performance photocatalyst for degradation of organic dyes. 2017 Denthaje Krishna Bhat, et al.
URI: 10.3934/matersci.2017.2.487
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