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Title: Zero delay clocking system in GHz frequency regime using CRLH metamaterial structure
Authors: Soorya, K.K.
Bhat, M.S.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: 2012 International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems, ICDCS 2012, 2012, Vol., , pp.206-210
Abstract: In a multilayer structure of Integrated Circuit (IC) chips, clock signals are distributed through intermediate/global interconnects of clock tree network. These metal lines are very thin and offer high resistance and capacitive loading to the propagating electrical signals resulting in interconnect delay. This has significant impact on the propagation of clock signals, especially in GHz regime. In this work, we propose a Composite Right/Left Handed (CRLH) system augmenting the long metal interconnect line to reduce/remove the delay in the propagation of the clock signals. The CRLH system is shown to have minimum signal reflection at its resonant frequency and this feature is used for the transmission of high speed clock signals.We have designed a CRLH structure to resonate at 10 GHz. Simulation results show that when the clock signals are transmitted through interconnect-CRLH-interconnect system at this frequency, the propagation delay reduces almost to zero. � 2012 IEEE.
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