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Title: Friction and dry sliding wear of bismaleimide filled with carbon nanotubes
Authors: Kurahatti, R.V.
Surendranathan, A.O.
Mordina, B.
Naik, P.
Auradi, V.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Tribology - Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, 2016, Vol.10, 3, pp.101-106
Abstract: Three types of bismaleimide carbon nanotubes (CNTs) nanocomposites were fabricated using two types of original multiwalled CNTs with different diameters and one amide functionalized CNTs. The influence of diameter, content and functionalization of CNTs on the flexural and dry sliding wear behaviour were measured with universal testing machine and pin-on-disc wear apparatus. The experimental results indicated that at 1.5 wt-%, the bismaleimide-functionalized MWCNTs exhibited highest flexural strength of 156 MPa which is increased by 164% as compared to the neat matrix, and lowest specific wear rate of 1.8 10?4 mm3 N?1 m?1 which is decreased by 90% as compared to the neat matrix. This was attributed to the dispersion of CNTs in the matrix and the filler-matrix adhesion and internal strength of the composite. 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.
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