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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Vanadium-doped graphitic carbon nitride for multifunctional applications: Photoelectrochemical water splitting and antibacterial activitiesReddy I.N.; Reddy L.V.; Jayashree N.; Reddy C.V.; Cho M.; Kim D.; Shim J.-
2020Vanadium-doped BaTiO3 as high performance thermoelectric material: role of electronic structure engineeringShenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2020Variation and artificial neural network prediction of profile areas during slant type taper profiling of triangle at different machining parameters on Hastelloy X by wire electric discharge machiningManoj I.V.; Narendranath S.-
2021Verifiable XOR-based visual secret sharing scheme for hyperspectral imagesSrujana O.S.; Mhala N.C.; Pais A.R.-
2019Use of redox mediators for the enhanced degradation of selected nitrophenolsYaseen; Mohammed; Manu; Basavaraju; Kudri; Najaruddin; Govardhanaswamy; H. S.-
2021Unified ball convergence of third and fourth convergence order algorithms under ω−continuity conditionsArgyros G.; Argyros M.; Argyros I.K.; George S.-
2020Use of Stabilized Lateritic and Black Cotton Soils as a Base Course Replacing Conventional Granular Layer in Flexible PavementAmulya S.; Ravi Shankar A.U.-
2020Ultra-broadband fabrication-tolerant mode division (de)multiplexer on thin film Lithium niobateKaushalram A.; T.R Y.; Das P.P.; Hegde G.; Talabattula S.-
2020An experimental study on rock damage and its influence in rock stress memory in a metamorphic rockSrinivasan V.; Gupta T.; Ansari T.A.; Singh T.N.-
2021Ultra-sensitive clogging free combustible molecular precursor-based screen-printed ZnO sensors: a detection of ammonia and formaldehyde breath markersManjunath G.; Nagaraju P.; Mandal S.-
2021Tungsten passivation layer (WO3) formation mechanisms during chemical mechanical planarization in the presence of oxidizersPoddar M.K.; Jalalzai P.; Sahir S.; Yerriboina N.P.; Kim T.-G.; Park J.-G.-
2020Tribological behaviour of natural fibre 3D braided woven fabric reinforced PLA compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.; Ramesh M.R.-
2021An exact formula for a Lambert series associated to a cusp form and the Möbius functionJuyal A.; Maji B.; Sathyanarayana S.-
2021Thermal buckling of braided flax woven polylactic acid compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.-
2020Theory of unpinning of spiral waves using circularly polarized electric fields in mathematical models of excitable mediaPunacha S.; Naveena Kumara A.; Shajahan T.K.-
2020Theoretical Investigations of Electronic Structure and Magnetic and Optical Properties of Transition-Metal Dinuclear MoleculesReddy I.R.; Tarafder K.-
2021An Enhanced Protein Fold Recognition for Low Similarity Datasets Using Convolutional and Skip-Gram Features with Deep Neural NetworkBankapur S.; Patil N.-
2020Tailoring solulan C24 based niosomes for transdermal delivery of donepezil: In vitro characterization, evaluation of pH sensitivity, and microneedle-assisted Ex vivo permeation studiesNayak A.S.; Chodisetti S.; Gadag S.; Nayak U.Y.; Govindan S.; Raval K.-
2020The effect of heat treatment on the mechanical and tribological properties of dual size SiC reinforced A357 matrix compositesLakshmikanthan A.; Prabhu T.R.; Babu U.S.; Koppad P.G.; Gupta M.; Krishna M.; Bontha S.-
2020Synthesis, characterization and electroluminescence studies of cyanopyridine-based π-conjugative polymers carrying benzo[: C] [1,2,5]thiadiazole and naphtho[1,2- c:5,6- c ′]bis([1,2,5]thiadiazole) unitsPilicode N.; Naik P.; Acharya M.; Adhikari A.V.-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 5009