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Title: The effect of heat treatment on the mechanical and tribological properties of dual size SiC reinforced A357 matrix composites
Authors: Lakshmikanthan A.
Prabhu T.R.
Babu U.S.
Koppad P.G.
Gupta M.
Krishna M.
Bontha S.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Journal of Materials Research and Technology Vol. 9 , 3 , p. 6434 - 6452
Abstract: In the present work, the effect of aging temperature and particle size ratio of SiC particles on the mechanical and tribological properties of A357 composites reinforced with dual particle size SiC were investigated. The composites were prepared by melt-stirring assisted permanent mold casting technique with different weight fractions (3% coarse +3% fine, 4% coarse +2% fine, and 2% coarse +4% fine) of large and small size SiC particles. These three prepared composites are referred as DPS1, DPS2 and DPS3 composites. The solutionizing temperature was maintained constant at 540 ◦C for 9 h while the aging was done at 160 ◦C, 180 ◦C and 200 ◦C (T6 treatment) for 6 h. Optical and scanning electron microscopy studies showed fairly uniform dispersion of dual size SiC particles in A357 matrix with good interfacial bonding. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy images showed formation of uniformly dispersed needle-like phase and spherical shaped -Mg2Si precipitates under peak aging conditions. Compared to T6 treated A357 alloy, the T6 treated DPS A357 composites showed improved yield strength, tensile strength, hardness and wear resistance. Among the three composites, hardness and wear resistance of T6 treated DPS2 composite was found to be significantly higher when compared to the other two composites (DPS1 and DPS3). Ratio of large particles to small particles also seems to effect the mechanical and tribological properties. Presence of more small particles was found to be good for strength and ductility whereas more large particles were found to be good for hardness and wear resistance. © 2020 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier B.V. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license
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