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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021L, r-Stitch Unit: Encoder-Decoder-CNN Based Image-Mosaicing Mechanism for Stitching Non-Homogeneous Image SequencesChilukuri P.K.; Padala P.; Padala P.; Desanamukula V.S.; Pvgd P.R.-
2020L-asparaginase production using solid-state fermentation by an endophytic talaromyces pinophilus isolated from rhizomes of curcuma amadaKrishnapura P.R.; Belur P.D.-
2010Laboratory and theoretical evaluation of clogging behaviour of porous friction course mixesSuresha, S.N.; Varghese, G.; Ravi, Shankar, A.U.-
2020Laboratory evaluation of long-term aging effect on linear viscoelastic and fatigue properties of FAM mixturesNingappa, A.; Suresha, S.N.-
2019Laboratory Evaluation of SMA Mixtures Made with Polymer-Modified Bitumen and Stabilizing AdditivesShiva, Kumar, G.; Shankar, A.U.R.; Ravi, Teja, B.V.S.-
2015Laboratory implementation of a thyristor controlled series capacitorRaju, R.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2019Laboratory implementation of electromagnetic torque based MRAS speed estimator for sensorless SMPMSM drivePrabhakaran, K.K.; Karthikeyan, A.; Blaabjerg, F.-
2021Laboratory Investigation of Black Cotton Soil Modified with Bioenzyme and Aggregates for Pavement SubgradeChitragar S.F.; Shivayogimath C.B.; Mulangi R.H.-
2020Laboratory investigation of photovoltaic panel performance under the shaded conditionTripathi A.K.; Aruna M.; Ray S.; Parida S.-
2010Laboratory investigation on horizontal and vertical plate breakwatersRao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Prashanth, S.; Varghese, R.V.-
2020Laboratory investigation on hydraulic performance of enlarged pile head breakwaterSuvarna P.S.; Sathyanarayana A.H.; Umesh P.; Shirlal K.G.-
2020Laboratory Investigation on Lateritic and Black Cotton Soils Stabilised With GGBS and Alkali SolutionsAmulya S.Ravi Shankar, A. U.
2020Laboratory investigation on the effect of rejuvenator in Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement based Stone Mastic Asphalt MixesPrashanth, L Durga.Ravi Shankar, A. U.
1999Laboratory investigation on wave reflection characteristics of suspended perforated pipe breakwaterRao, S.; Rao, N.B.S.-
2001Laboratory investigation on wave transmission through suspended perforated pipesRao, S.; Rao, N.B.S.-
1999Laboratory investigation on wave transmission through two rows of perforated hollow pilesRao, S.; Rao, N.B.S.; Sathyanarayana, V.S.-
2019Laboratory investigations of wave attenuation by simulated vegetation of varying densitiesJohn, B.M.; Shirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.-
2022Laboratory Investigations on Black Cotton Soil Stabilized With Inorganic Additives and Marginal MaterialsB A, ChethanA. U., Ravi Shankar
2013Laboratory Investigations on Percussive DrillingKivade, S.B.; Murthy, C.S.N.; Vardhan, H.-
2019Laboratory investigations on the effect of fragmentation and heterogeneity of coastal vegetation in wave height attenuationShirlal K.G.; John B.M.; Rao S.-