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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016An algorithm for optimal phase balancing of secondary distribution systems at each nodeSwapna, M.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2017Architectural framework of on-board integrator: An interface for grid connected EVKumar, S.; Likassa, K.; Ayenew, E.; Sandeep, N.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2014A comparison of seven-level inverter topologies for multilevel DC-AC power conversionSalodkar, P.; Sandeep, N.; Kulkarni, P.S.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2009Design and implementation of FPGA based low power digital PID controllersSreenivasappa, B.V.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2015Development of Markov Chain-Based Queuing Model and Wireless Infrastructure for EV to Smart Meter Communication in V2GSantoshkumar; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2015Development of wireless access support for EV to smart meter communication in vehicle-to-grid (V2G)Kumar, S.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2015Development of WSN system for precision agricultureSantoshkumar; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2009Electrical energy conservation in India - Challenges and achievementsKamalapur, G.D.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2010Electrification in rural areas of India and consideration of SHSKamalapur, G.D.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2010FPGA based control model with derivative filter for converterSreenivasappa, B.V.; Udaykumar, R.Y.; Beig, A.R.-
2018GEV Aggregator Placement in Distribution Network Using 802.16 ProtocolKumar, S.; Lakshmi, M.S.; Afeta, A.T.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2013IEEE 802.16-2004(WiMAX) protocol for grid control center and aggregator communication in V2G for smart grid applicationKumar, S.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2015Long term evolution protocol for grid control center to aggregator communication in V2G for smart grid applicationKumar, S.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2016Markov chain based stochastic model of electric vehicle parking lot occupancy in vehicle-to-gridKumar, S.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2014Modeling and architectural frame work of off-board V2G integrator for smart gridSantoshkumar; Udaykumar, R.Y.; Swapna, M.-
2015Modeling and comprehensive analysis of WiMAX protocol for grid control center to aggregator communication in vehicle-to-grid (V2G)Santoshkumar; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2016Modelling and analysis of a standalone PV/micro turbine/ ultra capacitor hybrid systemShalavadi, B.; Ravindranadh, V.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2006Modelling and performance analysis of a wind/diesel hybrid power systemKini, A.S.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2017A new nine-level single-DC source-based inverter topology for distributed generationSandeep, N.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-
2016A novel approach for phase balancing of secondary distribution power systemSwapna, M.; Udaykumar, R.Y.-