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Title: Electrical energy conservation in India - Challenges and achievements
Authors: Kamalapur, G.D.
Udaykumar, R.Y.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: 2009 International Conference on Control Automation, Communication and Energy Conservation, INCACEC 2009, 2009, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: The gap between electrical energy supply and demand is continuously increasing despite huge outlay for energy sector since independence. This gap between supply and demand of energy can be bridged with the help of energy conservation which is considered as a new source of energy and envinronmental friendly. The energy conservation is cost effective with a short pay back period and modest investment. There is a good scope of energy conservation in various sectors, viz domestic, industry, agriculture. The planners have already started appreciating the role and significance of energy conservation in future energy scenario of India. An attempt is made in this paper to acess the achievements and further challenges of electrical energy conservation in Indian context.
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