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Title: Development of wireless access support for EV to smart meter communication in vehicle-to-grid (V2G)
Authors: Kumar, S.
Udaykumar, R.Y.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, 2015, Vol.5, 2, pp.419-426
Abstract: Vehicle -to-Grid (V2G) supports ancillary services like peak shaving, valley filling, load levelling and the battery of the electric vehicle (EV) provide reactive power support to the grid. V2G also helps in maintaining the grid stability forshort duration of time. The communication between EV and the Smart Meter is very crucial for smooth functioning of V2G. The WiFi single input single ouput/multiple input multiple output(SISO/MIMO) protocol is proposed for EV to Smart Meter communication in indoor wireless environment. The channel models B and C are used as they are developed for residential apartment and office buildingsdue to the fact that EVs are usually parked in these locations. The MIMO environment is considered for simulating these channel models. The physical layer of WiFi (SISO) protocol is modeled in MATLAB/SIMULINK and its performance is investigated.
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