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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Damage Analysis of Tool-Based Micromachining Setup Using Electrical Continuity-Based Contact Detection SystemVeeresha R.K.; Muralidhara; Rao R.; Sushith K.; Shilpa M.K.-
2021DDCVS Logic for Asynchronous Gate-Level Pipelined CircuitsSravani K.; Rao R.-
2020Design of high throughput asynchronous FIR filter using gate level pipelined multipliers and addersSravani K.; Rao R.-
2020Design, analysis and testing of flexurally amplified piezoactuator based active vibration isolation system for micromillingDivijesh P.; Muralidhara; Rao R.; Ahmed R.M.; Sushith K.-
2020Experimental investigations of structurally pre-stressed actuator based active vibration isolation systemDivijesh P.; Muralidhara; Rao R.; Dheeraj; Sushith-
2020Impact of the diaphragm structure on the linearity and temperature sensitivity of low-pressure piezo-resistive MEMS pressure sensorsNithin N.; Rao R.; Bhat K.N.-
2020Investigations on the effect of Dual Material Gate work function on DIBL and Subthreshold Swing in Junctionless FinFETsMathew S.; Nithin; Bhat K.N.; Rao R.-
2020Investigations on the Effect of Spacer Dielectrics on the DC Characteristics of Dual Material Gate Junctionless FinFETsMathew S.; Nithin N.; Rao R.-
2019Modeling and experimental validation of valve and pumping actuator of a piezo-hydraulic pumpNayak S.; Muralidhara; Rao R.-
2020Novel Asynchronous Pipeline Architectures for High-Throughput ApplicationsSravani K.; Rao R.-
2021Simple 3,6-disubstituted Carbazoles as Potential Hole Transport Materials: Photophysical, Electrochemical and Theoretical StudiesKeremane K.S.; Rao R.; Adhikari A.V.-
2020Simulation and Modelling of screen oxide thickness dependent implantation peak position in SiliconHegde G.R.; Nikhil K.S.; Rao R.-