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Title: Design, analysis and testing of flexurally amplified piezoactuator based active vibration isolation system for micromilling
Authors: Divijesh P.
Rao R.
Ahmed R.M.
Sushith K.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments , Vol. 43 , 3 , p. 431 - 441
Abstract: Vibration is considered to be one of the limiting factors which affects precise measurements and surface finish of various mechanical components. Active Vibration Isolation is one such effective method which reduces the unwanted vibrations in any mechanical systems in a wide range of frequencies. This paper presents the design, analysis and testing of an active vibration isolation system based on Flexurally Amplified Piezo actuators (FAP1 and FAP2). The proposed set up aims at obtaining 180° out of phase displacement signal to the generated displacement signal using FAPs thereby minimising vibrations at the isolation platform. The maximum displacements of FAP1 and FAP2 obtained for 0-150V sinusoidal peak to peak amplitude at 1Hz frequency was found to be 810μm and 780μm respectively. The experimental displacements obtained were compared with simulated displacements using Forward Bouc-Wen hysteresis model and found very well agreed with each other within 1% error. An attempt has been made to estimate the voltage required for obtaining any desired displacement of FAPs using Inverse Bouc-Wen model through Simulink. The experimental displacements for the corresponding estimated voltages were obtained for FAPs. Finally, the proposed set up was tested by actuating both FAP1 and FAP2 separately and simultaneously for 0-150V at 1Hz frequency and was found that the displacements obtained were 180° out of phase thereby minimizing vibrations at the isolation platform. © 2020 Zibeline International Publishing Sdn. Bhd.. All rights reserved.
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