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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Additive Manufacturing of Syntactic Foams: Part 1: Development, Properties, and Recycling Potential of FilamentsSingh, A.K.; Patil, B.; Hoffmann, N.; Saltonstall, B.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2018Additive Manufacturing of Syntactic Foams: Part 2: Specimen Printing and Mechanical Property CharacterizationSingh, A.K.; Saltonstall, B.; Patil, B.; Hoffmann, N.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2019Additive Manufacturing of Three-Phase Syntactic Foams Containing Glass Microballoons and Air PoresSingh, A.K.; Deptula, A.J.; Anawal, R.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2016Compressive behavior of cenosphere/hdpe syntactic foams under different strain ratesKumar, B.R.B.; Singh, A.K.; Doddamani, M.; D, Luong, D.; Gupta, N.-
2017Development of glass microballoon/HDPE syntactic foams by compression moldingJayavardhan, M.L.; Bharath, Kumar, B.R.; Doddamani, M.; Singh, A.K.; Zeltmann, S.E.; Gupta, N.-
2016Dielectric response of double layered perovskite Sr3MnTiO7Chowki, S.; Sahu, B.; Singh, A.K.; Mohapatra, N.-
2019Experimental analysis of Android malware detection based on combinations of permissions and API-callsSingh, A.K.; Jaidhar, C.D.; Kumara, M.A.A.-
2018Experimental investigation of torsional vibration isolation using Magneto Rheological ElastomerPraveen, Shenoy, K.; Singh, A.K.; Sai, Aditya, Raman, K.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
1998Low cycle fatigue behavior of an (? + ?) titanium alloyNanjundaswamy, G.S.; Ramachandra, C.; Sengupta, P.K.; Chatterji, B.; Sudhakara, Nayak, H.V.; Singh, A.K.-
2015Microstructure and corrosion behavior of laser processed NiTi alloyMarattukalam, J.J.; Singh, A.K.; Datta, S.; Das, M.; Balla, V.K.; Bontha, S.; Kalpathy, S.K.-
2020Performance of magnetorheological elastomer based torsional vibration isolation system for dynamic loading conditions [??????????????????????????]Praveen, S.K.; Kuchibhatla, S.A.R.; Singh, A.K.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2016Quasi-Static and High Strain Rate Compressive Response of Injection-Molded Cenosphere/HDPE Syntactic FoamBharath, Kumar, B.R.; Singh, A.K.; Doddamani, M.; Luong, D.D.; Gupta, N.-
2017Travel Recommendation System Using Geotagged PhotosKumari, A.; Singh, A.K.; Patil, N.-