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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2010Effect of aggregate gradations on properties of porous friction course mixesSuresha, S.N.; George, V.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2015Effect of Electrolyte Lignin and Fly Ash in Stabilizing Black Cotton SoilLekha, B.M.; Sarang, G.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2015Evaluation of lateritic soil stabilized with Arecanut coir for low volume pavementsLekha, B.M.; Goutham, S.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2009Evaluation of properties of porous friction course mixes for different gyration levelsSuresha, S.N.; George, V.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2019Evaluation of Workability and Mechanical Properties of Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures Made With and Without Stabilizing AdditivesShivakumar, G.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2019Laboratory Evaluation of SMA Mixtures Made with Polymer-Modified Bitumen and Stabilizing AdditivesShiva, Kumar, G.; Shankar, A.U.R.; Ravi, Teja, B.V.S.-
2015Laboratory performance of stone matrix asphalt mixtures with two aggregate gradationsSarang, G.; Lekha, B.M.; Geethu, J.S.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2019Performance of Concrete Mix with Secondary Aluminium Dross as a Partial Replacement for Portland Pozzolana CementPanditharadhya, B.J.; Mulangi, R.H.; Shankar, A.U.R.; Amulya, S.-
2014Stone matrix asphalt using aggregates modified with waste plasticsSarang, G.; Lekha, B.M.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2006Strength Behaviour of Geogrid Reinforced Shedi Soil Subgrade and Aggregate SystemShankar, A.U.R.; Suresha, S.N.-
2006Strength behaviour of geogrid reinforced shedi soil subgrade and aggregate systemShankar, A.U.R.; Suresha, S.N.-
2019A study on initial setting time and the mechanical properties of AASC using the PS ball as fine aggregateTalkeri, A.H.; Shankar, A.U.R.-