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Title: Effect of aggregate gradations on properties of porous friction course mixes
Authors: Suresha, S.N.
George, V.
Shankar, A.U.R.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions, 2010, Vol.43, 6, pp.789-801
Abstract: This paper presents the study on effect of aggregate gradation on the mix design and performance properties of porous friction course (PFC) mixes. Six aggregate gradations were tested with due consideration to gradations specified for PFC or similar mixes by different agencies around the world. The PFC mixes were characterized for volumetric properties, permeability, unaged and aged abrasion loss, moisture susceptibility, and rutting resistance. The results were statistically analysed to identify the factors that significantly influence the properties of PFC mixes. Findings of the study clearly indicate that the gradations specified by various agencies will have significant effect on the design properties of PFC mixes, thus they are different. It also, helps in framing the Master aggregate gradation band for PFC mixes. Generally, permeability property is considered to be an optional parameter in the design. However, the findings of the present study recommended considering the permeability as one of the prime parameters in the design of PFC mixes. RILEM 2009.
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