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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Location management in mobile computing using swarm intelligence techniquesGoel, N.; Senthilnath, J.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.-
2012MPI-based parallel synchronous vector evaluated particle swarm optimization for multi-objective design optimization of composite structuresOmkar, S.N.; Venkatesh, A.; Mudigere, M.-
2012Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for efficient point matching in multi-sensor satellite imageSenthilnath, J.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Kalro, N.P.; Diwakar, P.G.-
2011Multi-objective optimization of satellite image registration using Discrete Particle Swarm OptimisationSenthilnath, J.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Karthikeyan, T.-
2012Multi-sensor satellite image analysis using niche genetic algorithm for flood assessmentSenthilnath, J.; Shreyas, P.B.; Rajendra, R.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Diwakar, P.G.-
2015Multi-sensor satellite remote sensing images for flood assessment using swarm intelligenceSenthilnath, J.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Prasad, R.; Rajendra, R.; Shreyas, P.B.-
2011Multi-spectral satellite image classification using Glowworm Swarm OptimizationSenthilnath, J.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Tejovanth, N.; Diwakar, P.G.; Shenoy, B, A.-
2013Multiobjective discrete particle swarm optimization for multisensor image alignmentSenthilnath, J.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Karthikeyan, T.-
2013An optimal fuzzy logic controller tuned with artificial immune systemOmkar, S.N.; Ramaswamy, N.; Ananda, R.; Venkatesh, N.G.; Senthilnath, J.-
2012Pickup and delivery problem using metaheuristics techniquesD'Souza, C.; Omkar, S.N.; Senthilnath, J.-
2013Quasi-based hierarchical clustering for land cover mapping using satellite imagesSenthilnath, J.; Raj, A.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Kumar, D.-
2017Road extraction in RGB images acquired by low altitude remote sensing from an unmanned aerial vehicle: A neural network based approachRamesh, K.N.; Yogitha, A.N.; Ravi, V.M.; Omkar, S.N.; Meenavathi, M.B.-
2013Spectral-spatial MODIS image analysis using swarm intelligence algorithms and region based segmentation for flood assessmentSenthilnath, J.; Vikram, Shenoy, H.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.-
2009Yoga techniques as a means of core stability trainingOmkar, S.N.; Vishwas, S.-