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Title: MPI-based parallel synchronous vector evaluated particle swarm optimization for multi-objective design optimization of composite structures
Authors: Omkar, S.N.
Venkatesh, A.
Mudigere, M.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2012, Vol.25, 8, pp.1611-1627
Abstract: This paper presents a decentralized/peer-to-peer architecture-based parallel version of the vector evaluated particle swarm optimization (VEPSO) algorithm for multi-objective design optimization of laminated composite plates using message passing interface (MPI). The design optimization of laminated composite plates being a combinatorially explosive constrained non-linear optimization problem (CNOP), with many design variables and a vast solution space, warrants the use of non-parametric and heuristic optimization algorithms like PSO. Optimization requires minimizing both the weight and cost of these composite plates, simultaneously, which renders the problem multi-objective. Hence VEPSO, a multi-objective variant of the PSO algorithm, is used. Despite the use of such a heuristic, the application problem, being computationally intensive, suffers from long execution times due to sequential computation. Hence, a parallel version of the PSO algorithm for the problem has been developed to run on several nodes of an IBM P720 cluster. The proposed parallel algorithm, using MPI's collective communication directives, establishes a peer-to-peer relationship between the constituent parallel processes, deviating from the more common master-slave approach, in achieving reduction of computation time by factor of up to 10. Finally we show the effectiveness of the proposed parallel algorithm by comparing it with a serial implementation of VEPSO and a parallel implementation of the vector evaluated genetic algorithm (VEGA) for the same design problem. 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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