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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2012N 1-(4-Methylphenyl)piperidine-1,4-dicarboxamideIsloor, A.M.; Jagadeesh, M.R.; Suresh, Kumar, H.M.; Ananda, Kumari, R.; Gerber, T.; Hosten, E.; Betz, R.-
2009N,N-Bis(2,6-difluorobenzyl)-1,3,4-thia-diazol-2-amineFun, H.-K.; Liew, W.-C.; Chandrakantha, B.; Isloor, A.M.-
2009N-(1-Naphth-yl)-10H-9-oxa-1,3-diaza-anthracen-4-amineFun, H.-K.; Chantrapromma, S.; Rai, S.; Shetty, P.; Isloor, A.M.-
2011N-(5-Bromopyridin-2-yl)acetamideFun, H.-K.; Shahani, T.; Kumar, R.; Isloor, A.M.; Shivananda, K.N.-
2010N-[(4-Amino-5-sulfanylidene-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)methyl] -4-methylbenzamideFun, H.-K.; Yeap, C.S.; Mange, Y.; Isloor, A.M.; Hegde, C.-
2011N?-[(E)-(3-Phenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)methylidene]naphtho-[2,1-b] furan-2-carbohydrazide monohydrateFun, H.-K.; Loh, W.-S.; Malladi, S.; Ganesh, B.M.; Isloor, A.M.-
2019Nanohydroxyapatite Reinforced Chitosan Composite Hydrogel with Tunable Mechanical and Biological Properties for Cartilage RegenerationKumar, B.Y.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Inamuddin; Asiri, A.M.-
2017A new chitosan biopolymer derivative for the removal of copper (II) and lead (II) from aqueous solutions: Synthesis, characterization and adsorption studiesPrabhu, K.B.; Saidutta, M.B.; Isloor, A.M.; Kamath, G.-
2012New CPS-PPEES blend membranes for CaCl2 and NaCl rejectionHegde, C.; Isloor, A.M.; Padaki, M.; Ismail, A.F.; J, L.W.-
2011New polypropylene supported chitosan NF-membrane for desalination applicationPadaki, M.; Isloor, A.M.; Fernandes, J.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2013New pyrazole derivatives containing 1,2,4-triazoles and benzoxazoles as potent antimicrobial and analgesic agentsVijesh, A.M.; Isloor, A.M.; Shetty, P.; Sundershan, S.; Fun, H.K.-
2010Novel chromeno [2,3-b]-pyrimidine derivatives as potential anti-microbial agentsSankappa, Rai, U.; Isloor, A.M.; shetty, P.; Vijesh, A.M.; Prabhu, N.; Isloor, S.; Thiageeswaran, M.; Fun, H.-K.-
2015Novel hybrid photocatalytic reactor-UF nanocomposite membrane system for bilge water degradation and separationMoslehyani, A.; Ismail, A.F.; Othman, M.H.D.; Isloor, A.M.-
2017Novel mixed matrix membranes incorporated with dual-nanofillers for enhanced oil-water separationLai, G.S.; Yusob, M.H.M.; Lau, W.J.; Gohari, R.J.; Emadzadeh, D.; Ismail, A.F.; Goh, P.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Arzhandi, M.R.-D.-
2013Novel N-substituted-5-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-4-ethyl carboxylates as potential NLO materialsChandrakantha, B.; Isloor, A.M.; Sridharan, K.; Philip, R.; Shetty, P.; Padaki, M.-
2019Novel polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)/nano tin oxide (SnO2) mixed matrix ultrafiltration hollow fiber membranes: Fabrication, characterization and toxic dyes removal from aqueous solutionsNayak, M.C.; Isloor, A.M.; Inamuddin; Prabhu, B.; A.F., N.I.; Asiri, A.M.-
2012A novel series of homoallylic amines as potential antimicrobialsRai, U.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Shetty, P.; Isloor, N.; Padaki, M.; Fun, H.-K.-
2017Novel, one-step synthesis of zwitterionic polymer nanoparticles via distillation-precipitation polymerization and its application for dye removal membraneIbrahim, G.P.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Inamuddin; Asiri, A.M.; Ismail, N.; Ismail, A.F.; Ashraf, G.M.-
2009An ortho-rhom-bic polymorph of 6-de-oxy-6-iodo-1,2:3,4-di-O-isopropyl-idene - D-galactopyran-osideFun, H.-K.; Liew, W.-C.; Rai, S.; Shetty, P.; Isloor, A.M.-
2013Performance improvement of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane using N-succinyl chitosan as additiveKumar, R.; Isloor, A.M.; Ismail, A.F.; Matsuura, T.-