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Title: A novel series of homoallylic amines as potential antimicrobials
Authors: Rai, U.S.
Isloor, A.M.
Shetty, P.
Isloor, N.
Padaki, M.
Fun, H.-K.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2012, Vol.21, 7, pp.1090-1097
Abstract: An efficient catalytic three-component reaction of aldehydes, amines, and allyltributylstannate has been successfully developed to produce homoallylic amines at 25 C, in excellent yields, in the presence of 1 mol% of trifluoroacetic acid an inexpensive and environmentally friendly catalyst. Newly synthesized compounds were confirmed by spectral studies. Compound 3o was characterized by single crystal X-ray analysis. All the compounds were also screened for their antimicrobial activity. Halogen-substituted compounds namely 3d, 3g, 3n, and 3o have showed excellent antibacterial activity. Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011.
URI: 10.1007/s00044-011-9607-3
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