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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2009Semantic web service selection based on service provider's business offeringsD'Mello, D.A.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2015A service crawler framework for similarity based web service discoverySowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2014Similarity analysis of service descriptions for efficient Web service discoverySowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2020Towards an Upper Ontology and Hybrid Ontology Matching for Pervasive EnvironmentsKarthik, N.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2016Towards Semantic Web Services: An empirical evaluation of service ontology generation toolsSowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2009A tree structure for efficient web service discoveryD'Mello, D.A.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2009A tree structure for Web service compositionsD'Mello, D.A.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2009Tree-based dynamic primary copy algorithms for replicated databasesUmesh, P.B.; Bharath, Kumar, A.R.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2019Trust Based Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor NetworkKarthik, N.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2018A Trust Model for Lightweight Semantic Annotation of Sensor Data in Pervasive EnvironmentKarthik, N.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2015An unified approach for multimedia document representation and document similarityPushpalatha, K.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2008Web service selection based on Requester's Offering constraintsAntony, D.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.; Raghavendra, A.-
2019WordCode using WordTrieSakthi, Murugan, R.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-