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Title: A tree structure for efficient web service discovery
Authors: D'Mello, D.A.
Ananthanarayana, V.S.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: 2009 2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology, ICETET 2009, 2009, Vol., , pp.826-831
Abstract: Web service discovery is a mechanism to obtain descriptions of Web services based on the requester's functional or non-functional requirements. UDDI is the first step towards meeting the requester's functional requirements. The Web service architecture involving UDDI does not provide an efficient and effective discovery mechanism. The UDDI is large repository and its information is either distributed or replicated at several sites to improve fault tolerance. To improve the performance of UDDI based Web service discovery, we propose the broker based architecture for Web service publishing and discovery. The broker of the architecture stores the abstract Web service information and the functional knowledge for an effective Web service discovery. The paper explores Service Operation Tree (SOT) to store Web service information in a compact way which also speeds up the discovery process. The authors also analyse and illustrate the discovery mechanism backed by empirical results. � 2009 IEEE.
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