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Title: A tree structure for Web service compositions
Authors: D'Mello, D.A.
Ananthanarayana, V.S.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Proceedings of the 2nd Bangalore Annual Compute Conference, COMPUTE'09, 2009, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: The composition of Web services is gaining a considerable momentum as an approach to the effective integration of distributed, heterogeneous and autonomous applications to build more sophisticated and value added services. Algorithms are needed to select the best services for the individual tasks of the composition. QoS is an important criterion to select the best service for the tasks of composition. The objective of selection algorithm is to maximize the QoS of the composition based on the composite service provider's (CSP) QoS requirements. In this paper, we define the various business offers (service offers) of Web services. We classify the CSP's requirements defined on the QoS and service offers based on its structure. We propose a tree structure to represent the CSP's requirements defined on the multiple QoS properties and service offers involving AND and OR operators with varied preferences. � 2009 ACM.
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