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Title: Air-Stable Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes with Schiff Base Ligand for Catalyzing Suzuki Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction
Authors: Ansari, R.M.
Kumar, L.M.
Bhat, B.R.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry/Koordinatsionnaya Khimiya, 2018, Vol.44, 1, pp.-
Abstract: The Co(II) complex [Co{C6H4 1,2-(N=CH C6H4O)2}] (I) and Ni(II) complex [Ni{C6H4 1,2-(N=CH C6H4O)2}] (II) with Schiff base of o-phenylenediamine and salicylaldehyde have been synthesized. The structure of the ligand and its complexes were derived on the basis of various techniques such as elemental analysis, mass, FT-IR, electronic spectra and magnetic susceptibility. From the Singal crystal X-ray diffraction (SCXRD) analysis techniques (CIF file CCDC no. 1498772 (II)), it has been confirmed that the Schiff base ligand (L), coordinates to the metal ion in a tetradentate fashion through the nitrogen and oxygen atom. In addition, the square planar geometry of Ni(II) complex also has been confirmed from SCXRD. Electronic spectra, mass spectra, and magnetic susceptibility measurements reveal square planar geometry for the Co(II) complex. Synthesized complexes were used in cross-coupling of arylhalides with phenylboronic acid. The transformation offers products in good yields using 0.02 mmol catalysts loading, thereby proving the efficiency of the complexes as catalysts for Suzuki Miyaura reaction. 2018, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.
URI: 10.1134/S1070328418010013
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