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Title: A 0.8-V, 55.1-dB DR, 100 Hz Low-Pass Filter with Low-Power PTAT for Bio-Medical Applications
Authors: Hanumantha, Rao, G.
Rekha, S.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: IETE Journal of Research, 2019, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: This paper presents a power efficient transconductor-capacitor ((Formula presented.)) filter for front-end processing of bio-medical signals. A low voltage, low-power transconductor with improved output resistance is proposed. It offers a transconductance ((Formula presented.)) of 5.85 nS while operating at a supply voltage ((Formula presented.)) of 0.8 V. Furthermore, a low-power Proportional to Absolute Temperature (PTAT) current reference circuit is designed to bias the transconductor and to make (Formula presented.) independent of temperature. It follows PTAT characteristics in the temperature range of ?20 (Formula presented.) C to 70 (Formula presented.) C and is less sensitive to (Formula presented.) variations. A second-order Butterworth low-pass filter (LPF) with a cutoff frequency of 100 Hz is implemented to validate the proposed transconductor and the PTAT circuit. The filter is designed in UMC 65 nm CMOS process and it takes an area of 0.065 mm (Formula presented.). While consuming a power of 47 nW, it offers a dynamic range (DR) of 55.1 dB. Figure-of-merit (FoM) of the filter is as low as (Formula presented.) J, which is found to be on par with the filters reported in the literature. 2019, 2019 IETE.
URI: 10.1080/03772063.2019.1682074
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