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Title: Radiation performance of an elliptical patch antenna with a circular for modern communication systems
Authors: Bhardwaj, D.
Bhardwaj, V.
Bhatnagar, K.D.
Sancheti, S.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: 2008 International Conference of Recent Advances in Microwave Theory and Applications, MICROWAVE 2008, 2008, Vol., , pp.350-353
Abstract: The paper presents the radiation performance of an elliptical (a=15mm, b=10.5mm) patch antenna having circular slot (R=4.8mm) designed on glass epoxy FR4 substrate and its performance is compared with a simple elliptical patch antenna without slot. The simulation results for this antenna are obtained with available IE3D simulation software by varying semi major axis (a) and semi minor axis (b). The elliptical patch antenna with circular slot of specific radius not only resonates at two different frequencies but also presents a relatively wide bandwidth, higher directivity and enhancement of gain. By designing antenna on low permittivity substrate, a much higher bandwidth may be achieved. �2008 IEEE.
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