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Title: Preparation and evaluation of mechanical properties of Al-6061 reinforced with graphite and fly ash of seed husk (Honge) particulate metal matrix composite
Authors: Edrard, C.
Kapilan, N.
Herbert, M.A.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: IET Conference Publications, 2013, Vol.2013, 648 CP, pp.-
Abstract: The aim of this work is to study the mechanical properties of Aluminium alloy Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) as they are gaining wide spread acceptance for automobile, industrial, and aerospace applications because of their low density, high strength and good structural rigidity. In the present work an attempt has been made to synthesize Al- 6061 with Graphite and fly ash of seed husk (Honge seeds) particulate metal matrix composites by using stir casting technique. The addition level of reinforcement is being varied from 0,4,6,8wt%. Preheated particle reinforcements are added to Al 6061 Alloy to improve wettability and distribution. Microstructural analysis was carried out for the above prepared composites by taking specimens from central portion of the casting to ensure homogeneous distribution of particles. Micro-hardness, tensile properties of the composites were studied as per the ASTM (E8M) standards. Microstructural characterization revealed fairly uniform distribution in the matrix. The Micro-Vickers hardness of the composite was found to decrease with increase in filler content in the composite. The density of both theoretically and experimentally of FA is higher then Gr. The tensile strength of the composites was found to increase confirming the dispersed graphite and fly-ash in Al-6061 alloy contributed in enhancing the tensile strength and wear resistance too of the composites.
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