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Title: Microstructure evolution in AI-7Si-0.3Mg alloy during partial melting and solidification from melt: A comparison
Authors: Nyamannavar, S.
Ravi, M.
Narayan, Prabhu, K.
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Institute of Cast Metals Engineers - 67th World Foundry Congress, wfc06: Casting the Future, 2006, Vol.2, , pp.1138-1147
Abstract: In the present work, a comparative study of microstructure evolution in Sr modified AI-7Si-0.3Mg alloy isothermally held at semi-solid state under conditions of (i) cooling from liquid state and (ii) partial melting from solid state to the semi-solid temperature was carried out. The effect of cooling rate (0.01 to 100 K/s) on the microstructure during solidification of semisolid alloy is studied. Partial melting of alloy results in the fine and more spherical solid phase compared to cooling of the same alloy from liquid state. Chemical modification of the eutectic silicon by Sr addition was found to remain same for both cooling the melt from liquid as well as partial melting from solid state, contrary to the reported results. The morphology of eutectic silicon corresponding to the liquid entrapped in solid phase is finer compared to that in interconnected liquid channel.
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