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Title: Physical model studies on stability of geotextile sand containers
Authors: Shirlal, K.G.
Mallidi, R.R.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Procedia Engineering, 2015, Vol.116, 1, pp.567-574
Abstract: Coast parallel submerged breakwaters made of Geotextile Sand Containers (GSCs) are increasingly being incorporated into coastal management solutions because of their cost effective and environmentally friendly characteristics. These reduce the wave action on the lee side by forcing wave breaking and their stability is a function of the relative crest width, crest height, and the damage. The present work involves a physical model study on 1V:2H sloped trapezoidal submerged reefs constructed with 485 gm GSCs with different alignments like Perpendicular, Parallel, and Flemish. They have a height (h) of 0.25 m and varying crest widths (B) and are tested for stability for wave heights (H) of 0.1 m and 0.12 m and wave periods (T) of 1.5 s to 2.5 s in a water depth (d) of 0.3 m. � 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.
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