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Title: Photoalignment of nematic liquid crystal by thin films of bishydrazones derived from 3,4 dipropyloxythiophene
Authors: Alla, R.A.
Hegde, G.
Ravi, K.
Adhikari, A.V.
Vishnumurthy, K.A.
Komitov, L.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: IDW'10 - Proceedings of the 17th International Display Workshops, 2010, Vol.1, , pp.77-80
Abstract: Photoalignment of nematic liquid crystals (LC) promoted by thin films of bishydrazone derived from 3, 4 dipropyloxythiophene is studied. Experimental results show that bishydrazone without methyl group in their structure is promoting planar alignment parallel to the polarization direction of the actinic light whereas the ones with methyl group in the structure are promoting planar alignment perpendicular to light polarization direction. � 2010 ITE and SID.
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