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Title: Optimisation of machining parameters for end milling of maraging steel MDN 250 using TiAlSiN and TiSiN coated WC-Co inserts
Authors: Varghese, V.
Jagmalpuria, A.
Badiger, P.V.
Ramesh, M.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, Vol.2204, , pp.-
Abstract: Thin film coatings TiSiN, TiAlSiN were deposited on WC-Co milling inserts using RF magnetron sputtering. The machinability studies of maraging steel is carried out using thin film coatings of TiSiN TiAlSiN. The maching parameters of cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut will be varied to analyse machining responses such as surface roughness and cutting force. The performance of each coating will be evaluated and compared along with tool wear and tool life. A Taguchi based grey relational analysis will be used to optimize the machining parameters and analysis of variance (ANOVA) is used to find the most significant factor. � 2020 Author(s).
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