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Title: Numerical simulation of microgap based focal brain cooling bioimplants for treatment of epilepsy
Authors: Narendran, G.
Kumar, A.
Gnanasekaran, N.
Arumuga, Perumal, D.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: International Conference on Computational Methods for Thermal Problems, 2018, Vol., 223309, pp.155-158
Abstract: Epilepsy is most common neurological disorder that affects people of all ages and around 30% of the patients do not recover because of existing treatment like medication therapy and surgery. Due to imprudent neuronal activities, excessive heat is observed at epileptic focus and to cool this focal cerebral cooling system is used. Our aim of this study is to enhance the existing design of focal cerebral cooling system by adding constructional structures there by creating micro gaps throughout the cooling device. In this study computational model is developed to perform transient analysis on flow hydrodynamics and heat transfer using commercial package ANSYS FLUENT 15.0. � 2018 by the authors of the abstracts.
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