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Title: Evaluation of microstructure and mechanical properties of multi axial forged lm2 aluminum alloy
Authors: Sajjan, S.S.
Kulkarni, M.V.
Ramesh, S.
Sharath, P.C.
Sangamesh, R.
Kumar, A.
Rajesh, R.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Materials Science Forum, 2019, Vol.969 MSF, , pp.297-302
Abstract: Light metal Al alloys are presently used in aerospace and industrial applications. Hence, in the present study choice of material will be LM2 aluminum alloy and processed by multi-axial forging (MAF) technique at ambient temperature for different number of passes with an equivalent strain of 0.18, 0.36 and 0.54. Microstructural analysis was carried out on unprocessed and processed samples with scanning electron microscopy (SEM). As the number of MAF pass increases the average grain size was reduced because of plastic deformation by plane strain condition. Mechanical properties like Vickers hardness (VHN), tensile and compression test were carried out. Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) was increased after each pass of MAF due to strain hardening effect. After 3 MAF passes the compression strength was reached to maximum of 495 MPa as compared to as received sample 315 MPa and hardness, increased to 81 VHN as compared to 55 VHN for the received samples. The fractography analysis was explained using SEM images. As the number of passes increases dimple size reduces as compared to as received samples and which will be revealing the ductile mode of fracture. � 2019 Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland.
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