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Title: Layer based 3D clipping
Authors: Kedia, Y.
Hendre, A.
Jain, S.
Afroz, F.
Koolagudi, S.G.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 12th IEEE International Conference Electronics, Energy, Environment, Communication, Computer, Control: (E3-C3), INDICON 2015, 2016, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: In this paper, we propose an unconventional layer based clipping algorithm for 3D regions. In computer graphics, clipping is used to select the required part of a graphical object, cut it out from the object and display it separately. The proposed algorithm is not based on any other algorithm generally used for clipping in computer graphics and has a much better time efficiency than the other clipping algorithms available. The 3D space i.e. a cuboid is clipped w.r.t. a rectangular clipping window. The novelty of the algorithm is that 2D regions are being clipped down to the dimensions of the intersection region and then varied along the depth(z-axis) to get the volume of intersection. The algorithm has been implemented for both unrotated and rotated cuboids. The proposed algorithm can have massive applications in any field that requires layer-wise imaging of 3D spaces such as 3D printing, medical imaging, modelling, etc. given the simplicity of its implementation. � 2015 IEEE.
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