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Title: IoT based Smart Management of Poultry Farm and Electricity Generation
Authors: Sitaram, K.A.
Ankush, K.R.
Anant, K.N.
Raghunath, B.R.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: 2018 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research, ICCIC 2018, 2018, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: Poultry is one of the most important growing economic segments of agricultural sector in India today. Nowadays because of standardized farming management and good manufacturing practices, chicken production in the world has been increasing gradually. In contemporary world automation plays a vital role and concept of Internet of Things (IOT) is also emerging very fast, there is an approach to convert traditional systems into automated systems. The paper focuses on automation of poultry farm using IoT technology to perform various management related things. The environmental factors which affect the health of chicken such as temperature, humidity, light and Ammonia gas are monitored and the manual jobs like food feeding, water supply system, cleanliness are managed. If all these parameters are maintained, the production and quality of chicken increases. Along with this, electricity is generated from the methane gas which is produced from the chicken manure and stored in battery. The management and monitoring of the farm can also be done through a web based system. Which keeps track of the management of poultry farm from anywhere and at any time. � 2018 IEEE.
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