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Title: Investigation of a turbulent flame propagation model for application for combustion prediction in the S.I. engine
Authors: Samaga, B.S.
Murthy, B.S.
Issue Date: 1976
Citation: SAE Technical Papers, 1976, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: This paper is a follow-up of the authors' earlier paper(1)* in which the development and evaluation of a mathematical model for turbulent flame propagation in the S.I. Engine had been described. The present paper gives a report of further studies regarding the general applicability of this model for S.I. engine combustion prediction. A simplified scheme has also been suggested to predict the pollutant emission by a correlation of the computed equilibrium mole fractions to the measured emission levels of 'CO' and 'NOx' in the exhaust. A wide variety of operating conditions has been considered and the model is applied in a simulation program to compute the combustion and exhaust emission characteristics for each operating condition. The predicted results, in general, are in conformity with the experimentally measured results reported in literature. Copyright � 1976 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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