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Title: Interactions of a group of vertical cylinders in water waves
Authors: Reddy, K.I.S.
Kumar, B.N.
Dattatri, J.
Issue Date: 1989
Citation: Proceedings of the International Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Symposium, 1989, Vol.2, 8 th, pp.237-241
Abstract: An analytical procedure involving Bessel functions is applied to investigate the wave interactions with a group of vertical circular cylinders. Considering the scattered wave at each cylinder in terms of Hankel functions, the inter-scattering of the waves from other cylinders is considered in the investigations. Wave forces and hydrodynamic coefficients in terms of the diffraction characteristics of single cylinders are evaluated for various groups of cylinders. A two cylinder group is considered for experimental verification of the theory. A comparison of the present procedure with boundary element and finite element methods is made.
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