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Title: Influence of ECAP processing routes on microstructure mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of AZ80Mg alloy
Authors: Gajanan, M.N.
Narendranath, S.
Kumar, S.S.S.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2019, Vol.2082, , pp.-
Abstract: Wrought magnesium alloys are a potential material for automobile, aerospace, marine and electronics industries because of less density, higher specific strength, damping characteristics and electromagnetic shielding properties. In spite of this interest, Mg alloys have not been extensively utilized owing to their poor mechanical behavior and corrosion resistance in comparison to other lightweight materials. However, the literature clearly indicated that mechanical behavior and corrosion performance of Mg alloys can be improved through equal channel angular pressing method. Therefore, In this paper made an attempt to examine the influence of ECAP processing route Bc and R on microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion performance of AZ80Mg alloy at 390�C isothermal processing temperature. The microstructural and morphology analysis is made through OM and SEM respectively. The electrochemical polarization experiments was conducted to investigate the corrosion resistance of AZ80 alloy after processing it through route Bc and R. Results revealed that a significant increase in tensile strength, % elongation and corrosion resistance can be attained depending on the selected ECAP processing route. � 2019 Author(s).
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