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Title: Hardware-In-The-Loop testing of PSS for synchronous generator
Authors: Latha, A.H.
Shubhanga, K.N.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Proceeding of the IEEE International Conference on Green Computing, Communication and Electrical Engineering, ICGCCEE 2014, 2014, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: This paper presents the Hardware-In-The-Loop type simulation, where an analog power system stabilizer (PSS) is connected in closed loop with a real-time virtual synchronous generator. The synchronous generator along with its excitation controller is simulated in real-time using Real-Time Application Interface (RTAI) on Linux. Forward Euler numerical integration technique with a suitable step-size has been employed for obtaining the solution of the generator model differential equations. The PSS hardware is interfaced with the virtual synchronous generator using a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) card and the simulation results are captured on the oscilloscope. The real-time simulations are also validated using off-line MATLAB simulations. This setup demonstrates different aspects of realtime simulation and a laboratory-oriented Hardware-In-The-Loop simulation. � 2014 IEEE.
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