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Title: Comparison of three popular control strategies used in shunt active power filters
Authors: Naik, A.
Yaragatti, Udaykumar R.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Asia Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics and Electronics, 2012, Vol., , pp.72-78
Abstract: Active power filtering has gained more importance in the power quality arena as it gives best solution for all power quality issues. Shunt active power filtering is effective and the performance of such units largely depends upon the control strategies used for reference current generation. There are different techniques used for this. Here an attempt is made to compare three major methods used for generation of reference current. The results are obtained using these three methods for the same system under balanced and unbalanced supply voltage conditions. Matlab/Simulink is used to model and simulate the various components of the systems. � 2012 IEEE.
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