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Title: Bithiophene based red light emitting material - Photophysical and DFT studies
Authors: Mohan, M.
Satyanarayan, M.N.
Trivedi, D.R.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2019, Vol.2115, , pp.-
Abstract: Bithiophene based red fluorescent light emitting material BTCN has been synthesized by Schiff base condensation reaction and characterized by standard spectroscopic techniques. The effect of -CN substituted amino pyrazole unit covalently linked to bithiophene moiety enhances the emission intensity in the system. In solid state BTCN exhibits an emission wavelength of 651nm with 170nm FWHM. Cyclic voltammogram shows the HOMO energy level of the BTCN to be -5.59 eV with LUMO around -3.24 eV. DFT optimized geometry of BTCN possesses a high amount of planarity in their structure and TD-DFT estimates the nature of electronic transitions occurring in the system. Overall, BTCN can act as good red light emitting material for organic light emitting applications. � 2019 Author(s).
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