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Title: Cloud based service registry for location based mobile web services system
Authors: D'Souza, M.
Ananthanarayana, V.S.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Proceedings - 2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Security, ADCONS 2013, 2013, Vol., , pp.108-111
Abstract: Location based services (LBS) are growing in popularity due to the growing number of smart-phone users. The architectural design of LBS systems plays a major role in delivering location based services in ubiquitous environments. Service oriented architecture (SOA) which uses services as its basic constructs is the latest trend in designing and developing loosely coupled distributed applications even in heterogeneous environments. Cloud computing is another latest area which provides highly reliable and scalable infrastructure environment for resource intensive applications. This paper gives an overview of SOA based LBS system and explains how to move service registry to the cloud to utilize the best of both SOA and Cloud infrastructure. � 2013 IEEE.
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