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Title: Efficient process mining through critical path network analysis
Authors: Thomas, L.
Manoj, Kumar, M.V.
Annappa, B.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Souvenir of the 2014 IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, IACC 2014, 2014, Vol., , pp.511-516
Abstract: Process mining is emerging scientific research discipline, concentrates on discovering, monitoring and enhancing the operational processes using the operational traces of the process documented in log. Process mining enables the process centric analysis of the data and aims at bridging gap between data mining, business process modeling and analysis. This article analyses use of Critical Path Method used in project management, in the context of process mining in order to find critical paths in process model. This article aims in leveraging process mining practices with the application of CPM and study its feasibility. Critical path identifies the minimum time possible to finish the project. Extra care must be taken while executing activities on critical path. Delay in any of the activities on critical path would definitely delay the process completion time and collapse overall process plan. � 2014 IEEE.
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